2019 Presentations

The CABTRAC 2019 presenters have graciously provided the following versions of their talks for CABTRAC members. Please use discretion when diseminating the information and respect the original content and authors.

Kevin J. Cullen, MD Keynote Welcome

M. Celeste Simon, PhD Cancer Research in 2019: Dazzling Opportunities/Daunting Challenges

Sharon L. Milgram, PhD Becoming a Resilient Scientist

Jabbar R. Bennett, PhD Enhancing Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Role of People, Policies and Practices

Sharon L. Milgram, PhD Self-Advocacy for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel: Janet Cross, PhD, Jabbar R. Bennett, PhD, Anissa J. Brown, PhD, Myron K. Gibert, Jr., Jennifer Jimenez and Sharon L. Milgram, PhD [no presentation available]

Women’s Career Paths in Research Panel: Kay Macleod, PhD & Tullia Bruno, PhD

Henry P. Ciolino, PhD National Cancer Institute Cancer Centers Update

Susan Perkins, PhD National Cancer Institute Training Branch Update

Susan Lim, PhD NCI T32 Updates

Marey R. Shriver, PhD Grant Writing Workshop for Trainees

Michael Schmidt, PhD NCI K Award Updates

Mark Damico, PhD NCI F Award Updates

Recruitment, Training & Retention of Post-doctoral Physician-Scientists Panel: Mary Armanios, MD, Kathleen H. Burns, MD, PhD, Curt I. Civin, MD and Scott E. Devine PhD

Harikrishna Nakshatri, BVSc, PhD CCSG Career Enhancement Breakfast Meeting [no presentation available]

Gundula Bosch, PhD, MS, MEdHP & Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD Critical Thinking and Good Investigative Practice Across the Disciplines – The R3ISE Graduate Science Program at Johns Hopkins – and Beyond

The Best of BEST Panel: Jin Chen, MD, Adrienne Cox, PhD, Kay Macleod, PhD, and Mary Reyland, PhD

Module-based toolkit shared by the University of California Irvine: Welcome to Building a Career Development Program for Biomedical Trainees

Upcoming instructional guide: BEST: Implementing Career Development Activities for Biomedical Research Trainees Editors: Lorena Infante Lara, Laura Daniel, Roger Chalkley, Paperback ISBN: 9780128207598, Imprint: Academic Press, Publish Date: 1st February 2020

Career Roundtables: Jessica Albert, PhD, Sarah Dorff, PhD, Jennifer Fox, PhD and Ekemini Riley, PhD

CCSG Training and Education Panel: Kerry Burnstein, PhD, Mark Jackson, PhD, and Harikrishna Nakshatri, BVSc, PhD

Transitioning to Faculty Panel: Jennifer Aumiller, MEd, Tullia Bruno, PhD and Michele I. Vitolo, PhD [no presentation available]

T32 Clinic: How to Effectively Respond to a T32 Summary Statement Panel: James J. Manfredi, PhD, Mark Jackson, PhD and Mary Reyland, PhD

Bret Hassel, PhD R25 Award Update

Jennifer Aumiller, MEd Social Media for Career Development

Adrienne D. Cox, PhD & Janet V. Cross, PhD How to Write a Winning F31-style Fellowship Proposal

Amy H. Bouton, PhD How to Write (or Help Your Trainee Write) a Successful F32, K99/R00, or K22 Award [no presentation available]

Tierra Johnson The Trainee Perspective

Bret Hassel, PhD Diversity Pipeline Programs Satellite Meeting Report [no presentation available]

Janet V. Cross, PhD Enhancing Diversity Committee Report [no presentation available]

Adrienne Cox, PhD Training Grants Committee Report [no presentation available]

Steve Triezenberg, PhD Curriculum Development Committee Report [no presentation available]

James M. Manfredi, PhD Post Doc Training Committee Report [no presentation available]

Linda Vona Davis, PhD Medical School Curriculum Committee Report

Thank you to all who helped make CABTRAC 2019 a success! Acknowledgements Sponsors GenScript