2022 Retreat Presentations

Keynote Address: Discovering the thrill of discovery: Exploring new frontiers in RNA biology – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
By: Joshua Mendell, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Molecular Biology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Charles Cameron Sprague, M.D. Chair in Medical Science, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Diversity Keynote: Strategies for Successful Recruiting and Retention of Underrepresented Individuals in BioMedical Sciences – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
By: Avery August, PhD, HHMI Professor and Professor of Immunology, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine; and Deputy Provost, Cornell University

DEI Panel Discussion: Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Researchers from Trainees to Faculty – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
This panel includes investigators at multiple stages that have a history of advocating and working in STEM and Cancer DEI initiatives. We will openly discuss how to establish a diverse student population and research teams and strategies to retain and support diverse populations. Discussion topics will include: recruitment strategies, fostering belonging, building community, outcome measures, and retention of diverse scientists in academics. Panelist: Drs. Avery August, Heather Beasley, Rashieda Hatcher, Babatunde Oyajobi, Jamie Smith, Angela Wandinger-Ness. Facilitators: Drs. Julie Rhoades and Janet Cross.

CRTEC Breakout: Trainee Tracking WorkshopVIEW SLIDES
Tracking our trainees’ accomplishments and measuring Cancer Research Training and Educational Coordination program impact is essential for Cancer Center reviews and obtaining NCI grants. However, which data to collect, or how best to store and evaluate them, isn’t always clear – especially as every Cancer Center has its unique training environment and challenges. In this workshop, short slide presentations on a variety of trainee tracking approaches and computer programs, both commercially available and “home-grown”, will be followed by breakout discussions that allow attendees to learn about particular strategies in more depth. Presenters: Drs. Jon Houtman, Danny Welch, Beverly Chukwudozie, Larry Boise, Kerry Burnstein, Hari Nakshatri. Facilitator: Dr. Brian Keith.

T32 Breakout: T32 Presentations & Panel Discussion – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
Learn about the University of Florida’s unique T32 training tool that develops a cohort of investigators who are adept at collaboration, followed by a panel of current and past Subcommittee F members who will respond to submitted excerpts from actual summary statements as well as questions and issues solicited in advance and those raised by the audience during the session. Presenters: Wendy Malorzo. Panelists: Drs. Mary Reyland, Kay Macleod Facilitator: Dr. Jim Manfredi.

R25 Breakout: Youth Enjoy Science (YES) Panel VIEW SLIDES
Learn about current guidelines and best practices for YES awards. Panel discussion will include current awardees and individuals who have previously reviewed these grants: Drs. Kay Macleod, Lalita Shevde-Samant, and Nathan Vanderford, as well as Dr. Behrous Davani, program director, Diversity Training Branch, National Cancer Institute. Facilitator: Dr. Mary Reyland.

Curriculum Breakout: Scientific Communication and Grant-Writing in a Biomedical PhD Curriculum – VIEW SLIDES
Dr. Steve Triezenberg will lead this session on how Grant Writing and Scientific Communication skills can be built into the heart of first-year PhD student curriculum, with reinforcement in later years leading to successful predoctoral fellowship submissions. This session is intended for faculty and program directors seeking to enhance their training of PhD scientists with broadly-applicable skills.

Career Presentation 1: Getting a Job – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
This informational session will emphasize the needed components of obtaining Academic Faculty positions but will also address similar needs in industry and other research/science intensive job applications. Presenters: Drs. Kay Macleod, Hari Nakshatri, Lalita Shevde-Samant. Facilitator: Dr. Kathy O’Connor.

Career Presentation 2: Career Advancement and Leadership – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
This career advancement session will give information and pointers for: Preparing for Tenure and Advancement in Academia, Mentorship and Advocates in Career Advancement, Advancement within Industry, and Leadership development. Presenters: Drs. Amy Bouton, Hari Nakshatri, Danny Welch. Facilitator: Dr. Kathy O’Connor.

Awards Panel Discussion: F & K Award – VIEW SLIDES
Tips and tricks for successful F and K award applications. Panelists: Benjamin Barwick, Alan Elder, Huocong Huang, Carla Rodriguez-Tirado, Michelle Williams. Facilitator: Drs. Jennifer Black and Larry Boise.

NCI Training Branch Introduction: Overview of initiatives and priorities – SLIDES NOT AVAILABLE
By: Oliver Bogler, PhD, Director, Center for Cancer Training, National Cancer Institute, NIH

NCI Training Branch Presentation: Funding for the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers: Updates from the NCI Center for Cancer Training – VIEW SLIDES
By: Nastaran (Nas) Zahir, PhD, Chief, Cancer Training Branch, Center for Cancer Training, National Cancer Institute, NIH

NCI Cancer Centers Presentation: Update from the Office of Cancer Centers – VIEW SLIDES
By: Sonya V. Roberson, PhD, Program Director, Office of Cancer Centers, National Cancer Institute, NIH

The Trainee Perspective – VIEW SLIDES
Graduate students Allyson Hoag, University of New Mexico, and Johnson Ung, University of Virginia, along with postdoctoral fellow Dr. Heather Beasley, Vanderbilt University, shared the trainees’ Retreat experience by summarizing potential areas for success in future trainee programming.

The President’s Closing Remarks: CABTRAC: Looking to the future – NO SLIDES AVAILABLE
CABTRAC’s 2023 President, Mary Reyland, closed the meeting by announcing the location and dates for the 2023 Retreat, officially opening the application process for 2024 Retreat host proposals, and outlining the many opportunities for member representatives to be more active in CABTRAC year-round.