CABTRAC’s board of directors meets with our executive team and committee chairs twice a year: in the spring and at the fall Annual Retreat.

Board Members
Toni Antalis, PhD (Term: 2018-2021) and Ex Officio
Jennifer Black, PhD (Term: 2018-2021)
Rolf Brekken, PhD (Term: 2019-2022)
Jin Chen, MD (Term: 2018-2021)
Brian Keith, PhD (Term: 2021-2023)
Kathleen O’Connor, PhD (Term: 2021-2023)
Lalita Shevde-Samant, PhD (Term: 2021-2023)
M. Sharon Stack, PhD (Term: 2019-2022)

Executive Team
Adrienne Cox, PhD, President (2021)
Amy Bouton, PhD, President Elect and Secretary (2021)
Dan Welch, PhD, Vice President and Treasurer (2019 – 2024) and Ex Officio
Sheridan Wilder, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer (2021)
Kerry Burnstein, PhD, Ex Officio
Chris Counter, PhD, Ex Officio
Channing Der, PhD, Ex Officio
Kay Macleod, PhD, Ex Officio
James Manfredi, PhD, Ex Officio
Steven Triezenberg, PhD, Ex Officio

Ex Officio members are active past CABTRAC Presidents