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Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
A NCI-funded postdoctoral position is open in January 2021, for study on how tumor blood vessels regulate anti-tumor immunity. Other possible projects include mTOR signaling in lung cancer and tumor metabolism in breast cancer. Recent PhDs are encouraged to apply.
For those candidates with more than 5 years of postdoctoral experience, Research Instructor or Research Assistant Professor positions will also be considered.
Please send CV and contact information of references to: Jin Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Cell & Developmental Biology, Director of Graduate Studies in Cancer Biology.

New Postdoctoral Fellow positions in the Carol A. Lange Lab at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center (Minneapolis, MN): Seeking individuals driven to become future scientists and leaders in the field of hormones and cancer within academic basic and translational cancer research, clinical, educational, regulatory, or other science-related careers. Training grant positions available.
My research team is focused on the role of steroid hormone receptors (SRs) in breast and ovarian cancers. Our overarching research goal is to better understand how SR+ breast cancers and other hormone-influenced cancers of reproductive tissues escape endocrine (i.e. SR-blocking) or other molecular targeted therapies that primarily target proliferating cells. The Lange lab has routinely developed new reagents and employed classical biochemistry and molecular biology techniques to study SR action (and SR crosstalk with signaling pathways and “sister” SRs) and novel mechanisms of gene regulation that impact breast tumor development and progression, cancer stem cell biology, and endocrine therapy resistance. More recently, we have focused on the development of early SR+ fallopian tube lesions that give rise to high grade serous ovarian cancer. We typically complement in vitro studies focused on signaling inputs to SR-dependent regulation of transcription with the use of genetically modified mice or human patient derived xenograft (PDX) models maintained in mice.
Ongoing projects encompass the following research themes and their molecular mechanisms:
• ER and PR isoform signaling cross talk in luminal breast cancer progression
• Ligand-independent actions of p-SRs and p-SR-containing complexes in breast cancer
• Cellular “stress” sensing by p38 MAPK and phospho-GR in triple negative breast cancer
• Novel HIF/GR-induced signaling pathways mediated by Breast Tumor Kinase/PTK6
• Fallopian tube transformation and early high grade serous ovarian cancer progression
• Cell fate plasticity (cell cycle exit/entry into G0) and breast cancer stem cell biology
• Mechanisms of and biological role of cancer cell dormancy/quiescence and senescence
• SR and signaling pathway regulation of breast cancer stem cell populations and biology
• Breast cancer metastatic cell dissemination as circulating tumor cell/stem cell/CAF clusters
• PR crosstalk with STAT3 and Aurora Kinase signaling in advanced breast cancer progression
Please send CV and letter of interest to: Carol Lange, PhD at email:

Position Title: Assistant Director, Education Administration ( Academic Services Program Director)
Department: University of Colorado, School of Medicine
Location: Aurora- Colorado
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