President’s Message

May 2020

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the Cancer Biology Training Consortium, CABTRAC!

We are scientists, clinicians, and educators from around the country joined together for the common purpose of preparing the next generations of cancer biologists and researchers.

The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers have improved over the past 50 years – for some cancers dramatically, for others only incrementally. Those of us privileged to have been in this campaign for some years now have an obligation to prepare our successors, because many urgent problems have not yet been solved.

We meet once a year, at the CABTRAC retreat, to share good ideas and best practices in PhD education and postdoctoral training in cancer biology. We help each other improve our training programs and the grants that support those programs.

We invite you to join us – this year at a virtual retreat, and next year in Nashville – to see how your institution and program might benefit from and contribute to our common goal of reducing the death and suffering that cancers cause. Explore this website and contact me or one of our Board members to see what a difference CABTRAC might make for you, or what difference you might bring to CABTRAC!

Steven J. Triezenberg, PhD
CABTRAC President 2020